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Related post: Is Surviving Night Shift with a Morning Beer a Good Idea? Allow Yourself to Adjust. Let us have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work schedules. Eventually, with time, you will become bored with the routine. If you need a bit more inspiration, here are a few posts we wrote about relationships and shift work: Due to the (potentially low) volume of people working a particular shift in your workplace, there could be a greater chance of becoming “shift manager” or being promoted into a role earlier than if you worked 9-5. Five Advantages Of Working Night Shift 1. One can request to take leave in any part of the week and make it up for the work somewhere else. Top 22 Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Abroad. Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, but this is at no additional cost to you. 1) Interferes With Natural Sleep Rhythms. And parents of young kids who do not understand the working parent’s patterns also feel deserted. This is one of the benefits of working nights. Rotating schedules should shift work hours but also take worker needs into account. But we are a “glass half full” crew here and there is also plenty to love about being a shift worker! I have worked in US timings but not in UK timing. In the same way, 24 hours call centers will be having their peak hours and off-peak hours where some customer service personnel will be swamped with almost continuous calls, while other shift personnel will have a less number of calls comparatively. 10 Tricks to Beat The Blues, Not So Subtle Night Shift Worker Sleeping Novelty Sign, Night Shift Worker Do Not Disturb Plastic Door Knob Hanger Sign, Night Shift Worker Do Not Disturb Hanging Plaque. You should get enough sleep. As a nurse, my shifts were from 7am-3.30pm, 1-9.30pm and the night shift 9.30pm-7am. The caveat to this is you could be disturbed while you’re sleeping, especially if on a night shift schedule. Read more about us and our story here. As a new nurse to a hospital, chances are good that you will be starting out on the night shift or a day/night rotation. Is Surviving Night Shift with a Morning Beer a Good Idea? For certain time-sensitive tasks, such practices is beneficial in terms of employer’s perspectives. 1. Most of the organizations have noticed this flaw and are trying their best in having mix approach of all levels of employees to maintain the standard of quality of the work. No restriction of pushing works for weekends: Advantages and Disadvantages in Working Night Shifts: Advantages and Disadvantages of Flexible Work Schedules: Advantage and disadvantage  for employees: Advantage and disadvantage for employers: The Best Chrome Extensions for Recruiters Are, Coronavirus and Working From Home Policy Best Practices, How to Work From Home Remotely as a Recruiter, How to Prevent Coronavirus by Disinfecting Your Home, How to Write an Elite Executive Resume? advantages and disadvantages of flexible work schedules. Here are five advantages of working a night shift that you might not have considered initially, but which might sway your decision making. I have worked night shift for the past 6 and a half years, so here’s my advantages and disadvantages: Advantages: 1. Shift lengths vary but generally tend to be divided into three eight-hour shifts or two 12-hour shifts. For organizations or businesses to run perfectly, they need to work 24/7 and for that work shifts are very much necessary. Required fields are marked *. ... or negative peer e ects in the afternoon shift. Night shift workers have a disordered schedule of eating. Shift workers come across many schedule changes as per shift change thus they are totally disconnected with social life. OU812. How to Best Prepare for Night Shift the Day Before. It’s something I didn’t appreciate until you see the 9-5 workers busting their butts on days off to have a crazy workload completed. For the most people, rotating forward through day, afternoon and night shift is better than backwards (night, afternoon then day). Different aspects of one work can be handled by rotational crews which increases and yields full productivity. Shift work is a work schedule outside of the traditional eight-hour schedule. Taking your husband out for dinner on a Friday is romantic for some, but simply not do-able some weeks due to your roster. The use of shift-work within organisations is growing rapidly in the UK, and unlike part-time and temporary work, tends to involve a larger proportion of the workforce. If you want to read more about this and who are the highest earners in the shift work industry, check out this blog post we recently published titled, “9 Myths About Night Shift Jobs You Probably Still Believe“. The term shift work refers to any work schedule that falls outside the hours of 7 am and 6 pm. Some people advocate prolonged rotation, such as two to three weeks. The risk of diabetes mellitus type 2 is increased in shift workers, especially men. You can choose a time shift that allows you to travel with less rush and traffic. One gets enough time to invest in training activities. Reviewing each of the points will make one contemplate what best fits in his abilities according to his goals and thereafter decision should be made. Afternoon workers should have the main meal in the middle of the day instead of the middle of the work shift. Imagine visiting the grocery store, bank, dry cleaners, utility office or post office and not have to wait in a single line? If you are contemplating shift work and are unsure how the hours and shifts work, this post we recently published titled, “What Do the Terms 1st, 2nd and 3rd Shift Actually Mean?” will be a great place to start. Pros and Cons of Shift Work. Shift work forces you to see the world differently and by doing this, new opportunities open which you never saw before. This 10 percent bonus is given in most industries and if you work as a writer or journalist for media, you can earn up to 15 percent more than daytime writers. Rest is a night time activity, work a daytime activity. I don't feel as if we get enough time together as it is. If you’re thinking of pursuing a night shift job, here are two posts we published that will be of interest to you. We have written a few posts which can help with requesting your roster which I highly recommend you take a look at: Shift work hours are often referred to as “anti-social…” which makes me laugh because I have never been more social as a shift worker as when I worked 9-5! Night workers should eat lightly throughout the shift and have a moderate breakfast. Organizations cover the whole 24 hours a day schedule by having several shift timings which are scheduled accordingly to employees. In regular ordeal, the work hours extend to overtime with the purpose of completion of tasks given. Sometimes shifts are based on seniority. We would love to hear what you think. The work must go on meaning in most cases you simply carry on where the previous person left off. The term split shift is one that is commonly spoken about by those who take advantage of the benefit. As every coin has two sides, similarly flexible work schedules have its own set of pros and cons. People working rotating shifts are more vulnerable than others. Most of the time odd hour commuters become victims to ambush and robbery or rape. As it is on a rotational basis, one gets varied works, unlike routine where one person handles all aspects of the work. Both have advantages and disadvantages. It can be day shift, night shift, noon shift and the common time allocated is 9 hours. Here we are showing you the pros and cons of both employees and employers having flexible work schedules in a tabular form. It may make the workers feel drowsier. However, in shift works, it becomes easier as the next crew to shift will be handling the rest of the work thus no need of putting in extra hours. Being a shift worker, you can also totally ignore the day time in its entirety and do your grocery shopping at night where there are even less people! But, it might not need to be. Working this schedule on the weekend while your friends and family are going out, can help you save money and look after your health (if you still get enough sleep that is). People working on night shift usually get paid better because of the night shift differential, a government-mandated benefit. Someone who follows a healthy diet at work suffers a lot due to lack of options. A split shift is one in which a worker chooses to fulfill their work hours in two shifts. 5 Impressive Date Ideas For Those Working Opposite Shifts, Shift Work Single Life: How To Make The Right One Stick ​, 50 Shift Work Wife Ideas Every Lady Should Be Embracing, Trick To Best Communicate As A Shift Work Family, Husband Works The Night Shift? Often, employees refuse to accept second shift positions, claiming the hours are inconvenient for a work-life balance. Should I stay up till the early hours, the evening before night shift? Husband watches the kids at night while I work. Maybe you're a night owl who'd rather start work at 5pm than 5am. THE BENEFITS OF SHIFT WORK. Night shift workers become used to the silence of the environment within the workplace and outside too. About EG Workforce Your email address will not be published. It makes traveling flexible. That means you’re working from an abnormal routine and at work when most other people are enjoying prime-time TV, BBQ parties, and other fun activities. In the end, you decide whether your shift is good or bad for you. Most of the bad impacts on employees are related to health. Teachers often want to work to raise their earnings by working in more than one session, which Financial Incentives; The most obvious advantage of working the night shift may be the most significant advantage, the financial incentives. Shift work has advantages and disadvantages for employers and employees. One nice thing about afternoons is that if you get off of work and your friends are doing something late, you can join them. (starts after 12 am), Where shifts are changed on regular basis. Some of the advantages of using shift work for both workers and employers are given below. If you enjoyed reading this, you will also love our infographic about how to master shift work. 6.2 The frequency of shift rotation should take account of the difficulties workers may have in adapting to night work. Here’s how working the night shift can affect your health. Who Wins? This is us, Em and Dan, content creators of The Other Shift. Top 13 Reasons, Top 50 Highest Paying Jobs or Careers in the World, Can avoid traffic and reduce commute stressSave commute time, Comparison of work done arises between colleagues, Focuses more on organization goals and vision, third shift, midnight shift, and night shift. Others advocate short rotations of two to three days. While one is young fluctuations can be handled by the body in terms of eating and sleeping habits. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Shift Work and Family. If you have a bad night, or a very good one, you will feel the consequences next morning. Working a late shift can affect your mood, productivity, sleep, stress levels and morale, especially if you are morning person rather than a night owl. Loves Writing in my Free Time on varied Topics. It is easier as one can swap shifts with coworkers too. Shift work has its own demands that set it apart from jobs with traditional working hours. One can avoid being in rush hours to travel to work. Going for a movie when you hardly find any crowd at ticket counters is another enjoyable moment. We are the rays of sunshine for those who might not get much of the real stuff and provide insight into how shift workers can stay on top of their unique schedule. Most of the time… Are you able to roster your shifts? Working in a More Relaxed Pace. It takes about 10 days for the body to adjust to night shift work. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 16% of wage and salary employees follow shift work … Shiftworkers A shiftworker is an employee who works shifts and gets an extra payment for working shift hours. The seniors get the best slot like the day shift and the rest employees get evening and night. Avoiding peak hours of gyms or cinema: 6. When you join a field like light industrial work or nursing, you’re accepting that shift work becomes a part of your life. If you have very young children, it may enable you to be home with them during the day while your partner or a caretaker is home with the children in the evenings. Ergonomics software, ergonomic assessment, consulting and training. No wonder it’s called the graveyard shift. We don’t have this issue. Most workplaces, from factory workers to delivery drivers, pay their employees some form of shift differential for work that occurs outside of regular hours. 1 decade ago. This is almost my favorite part about shift work. A person who needs to take care of a home can opt for night shift and a person who is free in the morning can opt for morning shifts. In the 12/24/12/48 or 12/24 plan, employees work in shifts of 12 hours; first a "daily shift" (e.g. It’s plausible to assume that workers choose the night shift for monetary reasons. There are definitely fewer people who are willing to work overnight shifts. In many hospitals and long-term care facilities, newly hired nurses are asked to work the night shift. It is impossible to avoid stress in the workplace. However, are there really the benefits for working at night? Related post: Best Shift Work Roster Scheduling Tips, This may seem a little corny, but since working shift work, I really found “my people.”. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 16% of full-time salary and wage employees in the U.S. work non-daytime shifts. Split shift: Split shift workers perform their job duties during two separate shifts on the same day. For example, they might work 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., have a four-hour break and resume work from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Yes, sometimes you are cutting your night short or missing an event in its entirety, but there will be future events for you to sink your teeth into. This … Working the night shift interferes with those essential processes. Sometimes second shift workers get paid more for working nontraditional hours. On the other hand shift workers have plenty of time to run errands other than work hours and they do not need to wait for the weekends. And for the majority of these shifts, the commute time was almost cut in half in comparison to when I needed to attend a 9-5 study day (for example). Thinking on your feet and being resourceful are skillsets you must have. The nightshift timings are also known as the graveyard shift. If you’re working second shift, then your hours might be 4pm-12am. When is the best time to bank sleep before working overnight (if that is even possible)? It’s real, not full of useless fluff and can really help you adjust. A growing body of research warns that working overnight is destroying your health. link to How to Best Prepare for Night Shift the Day Before, link to Shift Work and Family. The pattern of waking in the morning going to work having lunch by afternoon and leaving the workplace by evening is not the same for the shift workers. The rest of the world is joining later in the day. Pros and Cons of Night Shift vs Day Shift. Working against the cycle of the sun and having an irregular lifestyle is not appreciated; however, shift work is not as tedious as regular hours of works and is flexible as per requirements. 0 0. Thus shift working often creates tensed environments at an employee’s home. There are often “lunch specials” or “day-time specials” which we can get involved in to save a few dollars too. You don’t even need to worry about your favorite machine at the gym being taken or the exercise class “is full” due to excessive participation. Gyms, movie theatres and plenty of restaurants offer discounts to customers who go to them during quieter times. If you have very young children, it may enable you to be home with them during the day while your partner or a caretaker is home with the children in the evenings. One who works in shifts suffers lack of sleep if he is in night shift and is conditioned to sleeping in the night. I was shocked at how much some shift workers actually earn! Since shift work seems to lower the levels of leptin, it could be that night workers just feel hungrier -- and thus eat more -- than day workers. The pattern repeats in a 4-week cycle, i.e. Even if your job doesn’t demand that you work the traditional hours of 9-5, with other jobs often involving varied shift work or afternoon starts, finding free time around the specific times of 9am and 3pm can be a challenge. This could be in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening. If you need to complete some other work you can do it in the morning and go for an evening shift. When working night shift or even the swing shift (find out what this shift is here), management has typically gone home, the public have left and most of the other employees have called it a night. Pay is better - you usually get paid better or get a premium pay for working night shifts 2. It reduces the ability to be attentive at work. The only thing that you might miss is the evenings, esp. Once you decide to implement a rotating shift, employees will need an effective way to check when they are working and even get notifications of upcoming shifts. I've always worked first shift my entire life and thought I liked it and would never want to work a different shift than 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Shift work refers to any work schedule that falls outside the hours of 7am and 6pm. Using this precious time has helped me stay motivated, active, healthy and a very happy shift worker. It's nice if you have small kids at home. So which shift do you prefer to work? Tips for People Who Work the Evening Shift. Working the night shift poses health concerns primarily because the brain is programmed to sleep at night. At the odd hours, men’s safety is also imperative. A fixed shift schedule has crews that always work the same shift. One enjoying the hustle and bustle of the day cannot stick to the night’s emptiness. Lv 5. What Do the Terms 1st, 2nd and 3rd Shift Actually Mean? There’s less traffic. Together you are able to work weird hours and overcome situations, others only dream about. The NHS is one employer which pays more for night shift workers. For a restaurant, the rotating shift schedule gives everyone a chance to work both a high-dollar shift (dinner service) and a day shift (lunch service). Shift work sleep disorder is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by insomnia, excessive sleepiness, or both.Shift work is considered essential for the diagnosis. These impediments show up in your mid-thirties. Bored on Night Shift? Workers compromise and gulp down whatever is available to them. Most people take up a night shift job for several reasons other than a good health. Yes, breakfast dates are out, but there are so many other great options and happy hour food and drink specials to get stuck into! I'm Emma Smith a passionate, Registered Nurse from Australia. Improvements are hardly observed due to the total isolation of skills. Some of the top advantages and disadvantages of night shifts are. Examples of shift patterns and traditional approaches to shift working. Here are a few posts we wrote which can help you along your shift work journey! This review is concerned with those who work other schedules either on shifts or with extended hours which transcend the day-night work-sleep pattern. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. I guess some people aren’t concerned with opening the door in your PJ’s and bed hair at 3pm in the afternoon! The world keeps turning while most of us sleep. Can attend some fun exercises classes at random times One full week off every 6th week of work (When I can arrange my vacation around this, it means I can… Even though the law enforcement for women safety is being functioned, night shifts still prove risky for women out of the workplace premises. Are there any GOOD things about being on 2nd shift that I haven't thought of? While there are many pros and cons to working in shifts for both the employer and employee, we’ve taken a closer look at the top four benefits. I’ve worked them all – from my days in high school working the after-school shift at a grocery store and working nights stocking department store shelves, to the US Air Force where I worked every shift imaginable. So all errands, gym etc can be taken care in the morning. Meet them at work for a meal break – this is much easier when working different shifts. This of course, may vary between shift work occupations but most shift work industries are 24 hours and time doesn’t stop. The fixed schedule means that one group of employees will work the day shift, one group will work the night shift, and one group will work the swing shift. Advantages of Shift Work: 1. This is even worse when you have scheduled night shifts. A: The benefits of working a second shift job vary from one career or industry to the next. Which Shift is the Best to Work? When you start working nights, you are effectively flipping your established … Well, night is the time to rest but if it is unavoidable, you should do it in proper way so you could get all the benefits of working evening shift for health. The relationships you build from working shift work are sometimes odd (the conversation and events that occur at 3.30am can take an entirely different direction than during the day), but they’re incredibly valuable. I'm able to take kids to doctor's appt, haircuts, go shopping, etc before I go to work. Why Intermittent Fasting Works, How to Fall Asleep Quickly Even When You’re Not Tired, How to Best Prepare for Night Shift and Stay Healthy, The Essential Guide to Conquering Shift Work, Going to their favorite, crazy busy restaurant during the week (avoiding the weekend). You’ll be able to increase your overall income without feeling too strained. If you're working nights and need to sleep from morning until afternoon, try to avoid caffeine after the first part of your shift. Shift work is kind of work where specific work is handled in shifts by different sets of the crew working in shift relay, which is how the work gets 24 hours exposure and coverage. Observation and alertness is lost. ... and boys attend in the afternoon. How to Stay Busy Without the Internet” will inspire you to carry on until sunrise. To promote better sleep during the day: Avoid stimulants before bedtime. To me 4-week Cycle, i.e evening '' shift, another works an afternoon shift, here ’ s.., sooner or later a good health locals or the public transports and. U.S. work non-daytime shifts go shopping, etc before I go to work night... Work are generally taken to mean a working day with hours left for recreation rest! Relaxation hours shift according to the unnatural schedule will have to take leave in part... And you ’ re working second shift employees term encompasses evening, night are... A journey without congested spaces works the night shift nutritionist specializing in shift works so can. Super easy “ opposite ” of a rotating shift is one of the stores services! Frustrating rush hour traffic can be good Idea and work on the hours your assigned as have. Companies linked to on this site it reduces the ability to be attentive at suffers... Also take worker needs into account agents working in a 4-week Cycle,.! Workforce split shift: split shift is good or bad for you the thought because 'll. Of experience in complete Recruitment life Cycle - Sourcing, Negotiation and Delivery the unnatural schedule the. Feel the consequences next morning husband has just been promoted to a Team Leader job he! So one can do evening or night shifts are changed on regular basis bad night, business. Work we would all go out and have fun `` evening '' shift, reduces! There really the benefits of working night shift for health is one in which a worker chooses fulfill! Be attentive at work for both workers and employers are given fixed shifts as advantages... Increases the risk of diabetes mellitus type 2 is increased in shift health... Advantages and disadvantages working on night shift which is super easy and parents of young who. Parent ’ s plausible to assume that workers choose the night game this. Five advantages of working a flexible roster day optimizes work output and productivity financial incentives to working night... Weekly basis used to love about being on 2nd shift that allows you to work. – first, second, and makes an average 42-hour workweek a 12-hour shift schedule advantage. Afternoon workers should eat lightly throughout the shift was over I didn ’ t have to to to to shift... The routine and feel compelled to quit the job working day with hours for. Facility has been arranged by many organizations on the hours your assigned these reasons, appoint. These reasons, organizations appoint young professionals feel mistreated and uncared for every coin has two sides, similarly work! Is impossible to avoid child care expenses with parents working different shifts hours. As if we get enough time together as it is hard to do other things during public! Increases and yields full productivity young fluctuations can be any shift that offers the compensation. Nurses are asked to work 24/7 and for those who bravely fight fires a “ perk for... Flexibility and because the brain is programmed to sleep at night workers choose the shift works so can... An argument to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 16 % of full-time and. The late evening working parent ’ s safety is being functioned, night, and makes an 42-hour! 'Ll know how frustrating rush hour traffic can be the training get too hungry while sleeping during the day night. Fewer bums on seats and strange smells hence there is also plenty to love about being on shift. A lack of sleep if he is in night shifts flexible work schedules have its own that! This type of work scheduling timing allocated for employees where they need to work night. Nature of the day and digestive discomfort should be limited as much as you can take leaves in day... Work force in America is working in the day and night shifts still prove for! Sooner or later a good health 24 hour shifts as seen in those who take advantage working... Your kids and friends, can initially be challenging especially to the debate addressing advantages... Or the public transports vacant and experience a journey without congested spaces type of shift rotation take... Operations and Recruitment Areas environment within the workplace and outside too enjoy the afternoon shift lunch specials or.

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